Maruti Suzuki Swift Windsong Limited Edition Exclusively For India

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Japanese automobile giant, Maruti Suzuki has a dominant position in the Indian market. Their products are the most sought after vehicles among Indians. It is also one of the most trusted brands among automobiles across the country.

They have launched several products in India that have witnessed an overwhelming response. Maruti Suzuki had launched its sporty, trendy and energetic Swift hatchback a long time ago. It has been a popular choice of several Indians, over the years it has gone under minor changes, however, they have introduced several limited editions to boost sales.

Maruti Suzuki has now launched a new limited edition Swift in 2015 called ‘Windsong'. This model will be offered exclusively in India and only in the VXi and VDi trim levels of Swift. The petrol powered limited edition will cost INR 5,14,973 and the diesel model will cost INR 6,10,246 ex-showroom, Delhi.

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Stylish Interiors

The limited edition Swift Windsong gets more stylish, sporty and premium interiors. Maruti Suzuki designers have layer out an all black interior with bright yellow accent colours.

Touchscreen Music System

The hatchback will sport Sony's touchscreen music system, which will have Bluetooth along with an external mic. This system will also sport Swift Vibe EQ mode and will a maximum output of 55W. It also has SIRI eyes free control for all iPhones, along with video input from reversing rear camera.

Trendy Seat Covers

The limited edition Swift gets premium and luxurious looking seat covers. It is all black and has bright yellow accent to make it stand out in a crowd. Even the steering wheel is wrapped in black and yellow leather. The name ‘Windsong' has been embroidered into the front headrests.

Reverse Parking Sensors

It will come factory fitted with reverse parking sensors, so that the driver does not damage the special edition value of the Windsong Swift.

Rear Upper Spoiler

The Windsong gets a sporty new rear spoiler adding to the good looks as well as aerodynamic package of the Swift hatchback. It also sports an integrated brake light indicator high up on the vehicle.

Musical Theme Graphic

The designers have covered the side body of Maruti Suzuki Swift Windsong with special graphics. It has a musical inspired graphic, along with Windsong written on the front door in between.

Door Sill Guard

Swift Windsong gets an illuminated door sill guard. It has a glowing blue light with the words Swift in bold.

Interior Lighting

The interiors of Swift Windsong hatchback gets a blue ambient light. This gives the interiors a more cool and soothing look. It also provides a premium feel prior to entering the vehicle.

Designer Floor Mats

The Windsong gets exclusive floor mats, which have been made specifically for it. Everything in this limited edition model is exclusive even the place where you keep your feet.


  • Maruti Suzuki Swift Windsong VXi is priced at INR 5,14,973 ex-showroom, Delhi.
  • Maruti Suzuki Swift Windsong VDi is priced at INR 6,10,246 ex-showroom, Delhi.

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