Ferrari 488 Spider Revealed & Has Been Sculpted By The Wind

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Ferrari has revealed their 488 Spider with cutting edge technology and design. The supercar without a roof seems to have been sculpted by the wind in terms of aerodynamics.

The Italian supercar maker will unveil the 488 Spider to public in September, 2015. Ferrari will organise its World Premiere at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, however, here it is in their Blu Corsa livery.

Ferrari has revealed their 488 Spider supercar, it is somewhat of a teaser. The Italian will organise a World Premiere at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Surprisingly Ferrari has showcased the roofless supercar in a Blu Corsa livery, dropping their Scarlet Red paint scheme.

In terms of design the supercar looks muscular and aerodynamic. From the front view Ferrari 488 Spider looks similar to their 488 GTB supercar.

From the side view you can notice this is not a regular supercar. The 488 Spider from Ferrari is without a roof and adds more style element to the supercar. We believe the Ferrari 488 Spider looks more beautiful than the regular supercar.

This is a Ferrari and there is very little to complain about their styling. Rear diffuser looks sporty with an integrated dual port exhaust outlet. Without a roof the Ferrari 488 Spider looks even more better from behind.

Powering the Ferrari 488 Spider is the following:

  • Engine: 3,902cc V8, turbo-charged
  • Horsepower: 661
  • Torque: 760 Nm
  • Top speed: 326 kph

All instruments and gadgets are focussed towards the driver. The 488 Spider gets all-black interior and Ferrari will provide highlights based on colour of supercar.

Ferrari has provided a retractable hard top to its 488 Spider supercar. The Italian supercar manufacturer confirms that its roof provides rigidity like a coupe. This roof is made up of 11 different aluminium alloys with other noble metals.

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