Dubai To Run Vehicles On Waste Cooking Oil

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Dubai is to become the first city in the world to use biodiesel made from 100 percent waste cooking oil to run its municipal vehicles.

A deal has been signed between the Dubai Municipality and Neutral Fuels LLC to replace diesel in the vehicles to clean biodiesel.

Karl W Feilder, the CEO & Chairman of Neutral Fuels said, "This is a fantastic day for the UAE, for Dubai and for biodiesel. The Municipality is creating a sustainability benchmark which the rest of the world should note. We are proud to be part of the UAE's bold vision for a sustainable future, and applaud the Municipality for making such a strategic move."

During the ceremony, which was also a car free day, visitors were able to witness a life size demonstration of how a biorefinery works at the Municipality Headquarters in Al Rigga, Dubai.

This new biodiesel will cost almost the same as traditional diesel. Most of the oil needed to manufacture the biodiesel will come from McDonald outlets.

Most of the modern diesel engined vehicles can run on 100 percent biodiesel, known as B100. The only drawback is cold European winter weather, which is not at all a problem in Dubai.

Diesel motors that run on biodiesel run better, burn cleaner, emit less SOx and last longer than running on regular fossil diesel.

Story first published: Tuesday, February 10, 2015, 10:47 [IST]
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