Carbon Nanotube: The World Beyond Carbon-Fibre

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Carbon-Fibre—a light but very strong material that is becoming a building material for cars and much more. Race cars have it and even a few ultra expensive road legal cars. So has anyone wondered what is the future?

Well, the future is here—Carbon Nanotube. Each of this carbon nanotube is only a nanometer in diameter, that is 2000 times smaller than a carbon-fiber filament.

The main difference between carbon-fibre and carbon nanotube is the crystal structure and physical properties. Carbon-fibre is turbo­stratic or flat layers, while carbon nanotube is tightly bonded, which makes it 20 times more stronger than carbon-fibre.

There are processes being developed to commercialize carbon nanotube, but at the moment, they are made by vaporizing carbon particles with a laser, in a furnace.

The possibilities are huge with carbon nanotube. It can be used for automotive, aerospace and marine applications. Strong, yet very light structures can be built.

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