Women's Day: Audi Organises Power Drive For Women In Bangalore

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Audi, the German car manufacturer joined the Women's day celebration by organising an Audi Power Drive exclusively for women, this past Sunday.

The carmaker organised its entire fleet of car models, the SUVs, sedans and its performance car range so that women could get a feel of how the cars drive and feel.

First up was the Q Drive, which involved Audi's SUV range. The second was the A Drive, in which women got to drive the sedans and thirdly, they driving Audi's performance cars.

This Power Drive was organised simultaneously in Bangalore and New Delhi. The Clarks Exotica in Bangalore was the venue for this event.

The Q Drive was the first event of the day which involved the Audi SUVs. The drive was organised in a pre-routed course, which had a series of obstacles to overcome to portray the technology and capabilities of the SUVs.

First obstacle was the Hill Climb. The vehicles had to be driven up a hill and then down the other way. This was to demonstrate the superior hill climb assist and the torque of these vehicles.

Once on top, the other side was a steep climb down into a trench and then back out. Hill Descent Control was used effectively during this time.

Once safely up and down and back to level ground, the trench was up next to demonstrate the SUVs handling, traction and the intelligent Quattro system.

The Quattro all-wheel drive system gives traction only to those wheels that require it the most. For example here, the rear left and the front right are the wheels that require traction the most. Trenches like these are a cakewalk for the Audi SUVs.

Once that was done, obstacle three was Side Slope. This was to demonstrate the stability of the SUVs at angles that are often encountered while off-roading. It shows to what angles the vehicle can operate safely without rolling over.

The Chicken Holes were up next. This demonstrated the vehicle's suspension setup. A good suspension setup is a key factor to how the vehicle handles.

The Axle Twisters were next on the course. This was another section to show off the Quattro all-wheel drive system and also the ground clearance these vehicles have.

The last obstacle was the Rumblers. As the name suggests, the rumbling effect created shows how quiet the cabin is, in spite of the rumbling terrain.

Once the ladies finished testing the off-roaders, it was time for them to test the more subtle sedans. They had to be driven on a zigzag course. The cars had to be driven forwards and then reversed to where they started. Piece of cake!

Once event number two was done with hardly any effort put in, there was a choice of three performance cars to be driven. This was to give the ladies an exclusive experience as to how the performance cars felt to drive.

The Audi R8 was just for display. Nobody was offered the chance of driving this sports car.

The choice that was available was the Audi S6, Audi TT and the S5 coupe. With that, Audi called it a day, putting a big grin on the participants of the Women's day Power Drive.

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Story first published: Monday, March 9, 2015, 10:54 [IST]
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