Apple In Trouble With Electric Car Battery Maker For Poaching

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Apple Inc., the American based company is looking for terms to settle a lawsuit filed by A123 Systems, an electric car battery maker.

The electric car battery maker has accused Apple for ‘Poaching' engineers from the company to build a large-scale battery division.

Apple, which makes electronics has been roping in engineers from A123 Systems who have expert knowledge in the automobile field.

A123's lawsuit said: Around June 2014 Apple began aggressively poaching A123 engineers tasked with leading some of the company's most critical projects.

Apple asked a Massachusetts federal judge to extend the time to respond to the lawsuit since Apple is looking for a potential resolution.

A123 Systems has filed this lawsuit against five A123 former employees as well as Apple.

A123 Systems is a lithium-ion battery maker, which was backed by a massive USD 249 million U.S. government grant, but filed for bankruptcy back in 2012. It is now selling off its assets.

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