Volvo Launches New Range Of Trucks In India

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VE commercial vehicles, a 50-50 joint venture between Eicher Motors Limited and Volvo Group, has launched three new trucks to their lineup in India.

The company launched the FM and FH, which are long distance hauling trucks and the FMX, a solution to miners. The overall design of these trucks helps them carry extra load compared to previous models.

The Volvo FH, the flagship model, has already been voted as 'International Truck of the Year 2014' in Europe.

Along with their launch, Volvo has also announced the updated version of Dynafleet–Volvo's transport information system, which enables the user to view a number of parameters in real time, like current vehicle location, vehicle economy, driver times, and service intervals. The service was first introduced in 1994.

Let's take a closer look at what the trucks have to offer.

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The range of trucks from Volvo are the most technically advanced commercial vehicles in the Indian market today. All the crucial aspects have been worked on and the fleet can carry 33 percent of additional weight.

The Volvo FM has a powerful 440 horsepower engine that delivers a mind-blowing 2200 Nm of torque to its wheels. The front axle is capable of carrying 10 tonnes of load while the redesigned and reinforced rear suspension enables the truck to carry 125 tonnes of load.

The Volvo FMX is the ultimate solution for mining. The 12.8-litre engine truck can carry a load of 51 tonnes. The vehicle is equipped with I-Shift, an automatic transmission, which makes driving the truck a breeze in rough conditions. The vehicle is extremely easy to drive and the headlights are mounted higher so they don't get damaged. The truck is designed to carry extra load as well as operate in very rough surroundings.

The Volvo FH is the company's flagship model. The 520 horsepower truck is designed to carry 200 tonnes of load. Equipped with a 14-speed manual gearbox, the truck has tons of torque. The FH has a very comfortable cabin, with an escape hatch on the roof.

The FH has been around for almost 20 years as the company's top-end long-distance hauling solution.

Dynafleet, the company's transport information system, is available on all the models. It helps keep track of the vehicle's location, fuel consumption, driver break details, etc. The hardware is capable of logging how many times the vehicle stops as well as its load during each stage of its trip. This option can be accessed via internet from any computer. A screen in the vehicle allows for two-way communication between the driver and the office.

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