Top 10 Selling Utility Vehicles In November 2014

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Utility Vehicles play a very important role in the Indian automobile industry. These are the ideal vehicles that suit a typical Indian family, be it a normal week end getaway or a family trip, where every member fits in and has all the required space to make the trip a comfortable one.

In this segment, dominant players are Mahindra, the leader in this segment in India, which competes with international brands such as Nissan, Toyota, Renault and Ford.

Lets take a look at the top 10 selling UVs in November 2014, compared to their sales in October 2014.

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10. Tata Sumo:

At number 10 is the good old Tata Sumo. This UV from Tata Motors, which is available in a diesel only version, sold 1,165 units in november. In October, the UV was not in the Top 10 list at all.

9. Toyota Fortuner:

At number nine is the Toyota Fortuner. This full size UV, which was in the 10th spot in October selling just 1,491 units, has managed to move up one spot to the 9th place in November, selling 1,518 units.

8. Mahindra XUV 500:

The eye-catching SUV from Mahindra managed to sell 2,947 units in November. The XUV 500 has actually dropped one place from the 7th spot in October, selling an impressive 3,100 units.

7. Renault Duster:

At number seven is an SUV that kicked up a lot of hype before it was finally introduced to the world, the Duster. The Duster immediately picked up sales for the company. The SUV managed to sell 2,673 units in November, compared to 3417 units sold in October, when it held the sixth spot.

6. Honda Mobilio:

The Honda Mobilio takes the number 6 spot for November. Being one of the latest launches, the Mobilio managed to move two spots higher in November, selling 3,589 units, compared to selling 2,985 units and holding 8th place in October.

5. Ford EcoSport:

At number 5 is the EcoSport. The sub-four metre SUV has managed to hold the same position in October and in November, selling 3,835 units, but managed to sell 4,528 units in October.

4. Mahindra Scorpio:

At number 4 is the Scorpio. The SUV managed to sell only 4,205 units in November, while it sold 5,095 units and held the third spot in October, in spite of Mahindra launching a facelifted model.

3. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga:

At number three is the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. The UV from the country's largest carmaker managed move up one notch in November compared to October, in spite of sales dropping. The Ertiga sold 5,025 units in October, and sold 5,003 units in November 2014.

2. Toyota Innova:

The Toyota Innova has seen steady growth in sales in October as well as in November. It has managed to hold on to the second spot for two consecutive months as well. The Innova sold 5,371 units in November and 5,147 units in October.

1. Mahindra Bolero:

Taking the number one spot and holding it for a long time is the Mahindra Bolero. Although it's designed like a brick and handles like a 5-storey building on half-inch wheels, it serves the need for Indian customers. It has decent off-roading and on-road capabilities, and has an engine that can take the strain. The Bolero sold 6,300 units in November, which is a considerable drop in sales, compared to October, when it sold 9,090 units.

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