Renault Has Organised Over 40 Free Service Camps During November

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The French car manufacturer Renault offers a wide range of vehicles in India. Their product lineup consists of the Pulse, Scala, Duster, Fluence and Koleos. They are planning on introducing more vehicles in new segments for Indian market.

Renault India is not only focussed on launching new products, they also seem to want to ensure care is taken of their vehicles. In the previous month of November, 2014 the manufacturer organised 40 free service camps across the nation.

The French manufacturer frequently organises free service camps for their customers. Renault had recently announced that they have conducted over 400 free service camps in India during 2014. These service camps are held in various parts of the country and Renault customers can get their vehicles inspected for free.

The manufacturer includes an 80-point free check up of their vehicles. Renault claims that over 20,000 individuals have availed their free service camp. The vehicles are then serviced and given a thorough clean up under the supervision of Renault personnel.

Renault India wants to instil an improved ownership experience for their customers. The experts at these free service camps also provide knowledge on maintenance and several automobile related pointers. There are also several products and accessories on offers at the service camps.

In our opinion, more manufacturers should adopt this method. It is one of the better ways to improve customer relationships. A free service check up can never hurt anyone and can only help owners realise how often they need to service their vehicles to keep them in pristine shape.

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