McLaren P1 GTR Bespoke Driver Programme Confirmed

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McLaren Automotive has confirmed its plan for their Bespoke Driver Programme. The interiors will be stripped down to provide a Formula One experience, just like their MP4-23 steering wheel. This will offer owners an on-track and off-track experience like never before.

All vehicles will be individually-tailored for every driver, according to their McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme. The experience of previous race winners and world champions can be experienced by the owners of these vehicles. It will be mainly a track focussed vehicle and will be heavily stripped down.

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McLaren Automotive confirms that their McLaren P1 GTR will be like no other model they have produced before. Chris Goodwin, Chief Test Driver for McLaren Automotive, commented, "With the McLaren P1TM GTR driver programme, we have aimed to do something different, very much like the way we operate the rest of the business. We don't follow the trends. Our road cars are different to our competitors, so too will be our driving programme."

As seen in the image it is evident McLaren is aiming at focussing everything at the driver. Anything that is not needed while racing has been stripped from the cabin of the vehicle. There is extensive use of carbon-fibre to keep weight of the vehicle in check. The interiors look futuristic and caters to comfort of the occupants as well.

The steering wheel is the main focus once you sit inside. McLaren has designed the steering wheel from their 2008 Formula One MP4-23 car that won this year's championship. The driver can adjust the setup of his vehicle on the run without letting go of the steering wheel. There is also a map of the track, which will show the driver where he is on track and other vital information.

The driver gets a six-point harness, along with lightweight DT-style seats, which have been mounted to the chassis to reduce weight. The carbon fibre seats have been approved by HANS and offer excellent comfort and support. McLaren has retained the air-conditioning system in the vehicle, so that the driver can maintain his composure during gruelling battles.

McLaren P1 GTR has been tested extensively and has exceeded most targets. They had setup a dedicated team of engineers, technicians and drivers to work on their Bespoke Driver Programme. The vehicle adorns a Carbon Black paint job, along with bare carbon fibre bodywork.


Story first published: Thursday, October 23, 2014, 13:30 [IST]
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