Ferrari Debuts Its FXX K To The World In Abu Dhabi

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Italian supercar maker, Ferrari had announced that it would make vehicles in limited numbers to maintain exclusivity. Now the manufacturer has unveiled its FXX K supercar at Ferrari Finali Mondiali in Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari's FXX K is based on the Italian manufacturer's LaFerrari, which was showcased at Geneva Motor Show. This, however, is the track-only version of the supercar. It will never be used for competition, thus Ferrari could make it as powerful as they wished.

The name FXX K has been used from their Enzo based FXX model. It was this model that began the client development program. The K, however, stands for KERS hybrid system that adds power to the supercar.

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Ferrari FXX K: Engine

Ferrari have provided its FXX K with a mammoth V12 6.3-litre engine, which generates 848 horsepower. The KERS system adds another 187 horsepower, taking the total horsepower figure to 1,035. The engine will be paired to a 7-speed DCT gearbox from Ferrari. They have also provided several electronic aids like ESC, ABS/EBD, EF1-Trac, E-Diff 3, SCM-E Frs and an active aerodynamic package.

Ferrari FXX K: Side Profile

The FXX K gets a sporty stance and decals by the Italian manufacturer. It shares several design features with LaFerrari, however, it is more aerodynamic than the street legal version. Ferrari claim their package provides 50 percent more downforce than the street spec. Tyres have been provided by Pirelli and are racing slick tyres. Stopping force comes in the form of 15-inch carbon-ceramic brake discs.

Ferrari FXX K: Rear View

The Italian manufacturer has made an aerodynamic rear wing, which is split in the centre. It is functional and aesthetically soothing to the eyes. Large air diffusers have been used in the rear to increase downforce. The FXX K by Ferrari has a small prancing horse logo, just above the brake indicator.

Ferrari FXX K: Interior

Ferrari have provided two seats even in their track-focussed FXX K model. The interior has been stripped down to its bare minimum. Bucket seats and race harness have been introduced, and they have also positioned the controls and switches within easy reach of the driver.

Ferrari FXX K: Competition

Ferrari's FXX K model will compete with the likes of McLaren P1 GTR. Both these supercars are part of the manufacturers client development program for track use. Many experts claim that the FXX K will be faster than a Formula One car and will set a new record around their track in Fiorano.

Story first published: Thursday, December 4, 2014, 11:57 [IST]
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