2015 Aston Martin Lagonda: For Middle-Eastern Eyes Only

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It's back. And how. While we've been only teased with images of prototypes thus far, the first official pictures of the 2015 Aston Martin Lagonda have surfaced on the web.

These images reveal the Lagonda for the first time in its rather attractive flesh, in preparation for its trip to Oman for hot weather testing.

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The Lagonda sees a new interpretation of Aston Martin design, which while harking back strongly to the original Lagonda, also progresses away from the Astons we've come to recognise. If this is indeed a step in the direction of future design ideologies of Aston Martin, they are moving down the right path. Mostly.

The new grille shape is tighter and sleeker than the traditional Aston Martin breathing apparatus, however it becomes hexagonal, unfortunately like a slew of cars in production at the moment. A pity, because the original iconic grille was immediately identifiable as part of the Aston Martin bloodline. But we're glad to see the horizontal and vertical slatting remain. It's early days to guess what's under the hood of the new super sedan, but rumours speculate a V12 stomper in there.

Designer Marek Reichmann's creation that Aston Martin aptly call "exceptional automotive art" will only be available in the Middle East (and that too by invitation only), as interest for the Lagonda arose specifically from wealthy buyers there. The super sedan will be available only in limited numbers, so this one's sure to remain super-exclusive.

If you entered the world between the 1970s and the 1980s and picked up a book on world cars, chances are you would have noticed the very unique Lagonda luxury sedan featured somewhere in there. The car meant business with its long bonnet concealing a large 5.3-litre V8 and those extended overhangs, and portrayed a nonchalant character that could impress even the most discerning er, gangster in the market for his latest ride. It's good to see the latest Lagonda avatar remaining solidly true to the original in that regard...

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