Smart Forstars Concept's Bonnet Mounted Projector

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The international car shows witness a host of concept cars. While some of them are very close to reality there are few that are so different that you will feel they are out of this world. One such concept car to be displayed at the Paris Motors Show will be the Smart Forstars.

Smart, the premium small car brand owned by Daimler AG, which also owns Mercedes-Benz will be displaying this whacky looking concept SUC (sports Utility Coupe). The most notable aspect about the Smart Forstars is its bonnet mounted projector.

Smart Forstars's bonnet mounted projector

The projector can be used to project movies from your smart phone on to a white screen or wall

Smart Forstars - Electric Sports Utility Coupe

The Smart Forstars is an electric vehicle and is powered by a powerful battery that is connected to a 80bhp magneto-electric motor. The Smart Forstars has a top speed of 130kmph.

Smart ForStars - Design

Apart from the fully glass roof, the Smart Forstars' design is similar to other Smart cars.

Smart Forstars - Interior Space

The Smart Forstars is a two seater and has more than enough luggage space in the rear despite its small size.

Smart Forstars - Interior

The interior design of the Smart Forstars is quirky and stylish. The white and red interiors are easily visible through the glass roof.

Smart Forstars - Dashboard

The dials of the car are visually striking and attractive. The steering wheel is styled like a race car's steering.

Smart Forstars - Drive In Theatre

Here is an image of how the Smart Forstars' will also be a drive in theatre thanks to its bonnet mounted projector.

The bonnet mounted projector will make the Smart Forstars a kind of drive in theatre. While the drive in theatres would require you to drive to a particular location to watch a movie from your car, you can watch a movie any where by projecting it on to a wall while sitting inside the Smart Forstars.

The Smart Forstars also has a glass roof which means you can watch the stars from within. To add another justification to the car's name, you can see movie stars through the bonnet mounted projector. The projector can be operated using a smart phone. While the video will be projected outside, you can enjoy the audio through a high quality audio system.

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