How Good Is the Renault Kwid? A Quick Overview Of The Pros & Cons

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One very important topic in the automotive industry at the moment is the Renault Kwid. Being a new kid in town, it has raised a lot of questions and high levels of curiosity. Let's take you for a quick drive, and learn about Renault's all-new Kwid.

The Renault Kwid is the entry-level hatchback by the French automaker for India. It was launched in India with an introductory price of Rs. 2.56 lakh, with one aim—to compete with the Maruti Suzuki Alto. It may look like the ultimate entry-level hatchback, but, like any other car sold in the world, the Kwid has its own pros and cons.

Let's discuss a few Advantages and Disadvantages of the Renault Kwid

A look at the Renault Kwid's disadvantages or cons first.


To make the car affordable, plastic has been used. The wing mirrors are finished in plastic, not only to keep costs low, but to keep the weight low as well. A few more noticeable weight reduction measures are three wheel nuts instead of four and light weight doors, although Renault claim it has not compromised safety.

No Tachometer (RPM gauge)

While older people wouldn't mind, the younger generation will surely feel the pinch. A tachometer makes the driver feel more connected to the car. It would raise the driving experience.

Noise and Vibration

Making a car affordable is not an easy job. The more you want the car to be noise and vibration free, the more it will cost. The Renault Kwid is quite noisy and harsh, especially, in the lower gears.

Steering wheel adjustment

This is another disadvantage of the Kwid. Steering wheel adjustment could have been present on the top end variants at least. This makes it difficult for short people to drive.

Renault Kwid's pros or advantages at a glance.


The design is the biggest advantage of the Kwid. Although an entry-level car, it has a very bold stance for a hatchback. It draws design inspiration from the Duster, and to be quite frank, Renault has done a very good job. The bold front grille, headlights and the fog lights will be a huge success; if design matters, you're going to love the Kwid.


For a small car, it has a roomy interior. It offers decent legroom and headroom in the front and rear cabin. The front seats are adjustable, and the rear seat can accommodate three adults (average sized). That is something which is not offered in many cars made with a budget in mind, especially if it's low. But, long distance cruising with three adults in the rear seat can get uncomfortable.


Another plus point is the Kwid's engine. The three-cylinder engine produces 53bhp. The engine is made to deliver a fuel of 25.17 km/l, which is higher than its competitor, the Alto 800. Also, the power output is more when compared to the Alto and overall, the Kwid weighs only 669kg (26kg lighter than the Alto).

Gear Shifter

The Renault Kwid features an optional Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) in the 1.0-litre variant. Unlike 'regular' AMT cars in the market, the Kwid uses a rotary knob that allows the drivers to select between forward (D), neutral (N), and reverse (R).

Ground Clearance

The Kwid has a ground clearance of 180mm, which is the same as a Mahindra Bolero! This, with the size of the car makes commuting a pleasure, even on roads with potholes — you need not worry about the car's underbelly taking a beating.


Features offered is another big advantage with the Kwid. Key-less entry, touch screen display with navigation, a fully digital instrument console, are some of the features, which are all first in class. Other features include power windows, 2-DIN audio system, on-board trip computer and a 2 year/50,000 km warranty that can be extended to 3-years/ 60,000 km or 4 years/ 80,000 km.

Boot Space

This is an advantage for those who like to get away on long drives. The Kwid offers a best-in-class 300-litre boot space, which is expandable to 1115-litres. That is massive for a small car. Its competition, the Alto, has only 177-litres of space to carry luggage.


Safety is considered as an advantage to sell cars these days, be it a small entry level car or a big luxury one. The Kwid has an upper hand in this department, as it is offered with an optional airbag on the driver's side for the top variant (RXT). Renault has confirmed, the Kwid is designed for global markets, thus it will meet present and future Indian crash test standards; however, the big miss was the absence of ABS — even on the top variant.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 6, 2015, 16:12 [IST]
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