TVS Jupiter vs Honda Activa vs Hero Maestro: A Brief Comparison

The Indian automatic scooter market, already bustling with activity, received a fresh shot in the arm with the entry of yet another new model. This time it is from TVS, which unveiled the Jupiter at an event held in Chennai on Sep 16.

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The launch of a new scooter means buyers have yet another 110cc model to choose from - not that we are complaining, in fact its the contrary. In this post we have slotted the new TVS Jupiter up against other similarly styled models, Honda Activa and Hero Maestro. This guide should come in handy to prospective buyers and help them in making a decision.

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Overview - TVS Jupiter

Jupiter is Wego in a more conventional scooter clothing. However, it does get some added features not found in the former, which add to the value proposition. Announced in time for the festive season Jupiter will go on sale first in North India, followed by South soon.
TVS Jupiter is priced at Rs 44,200 (ex-showroom).

Overview - Honda Activa

Activa needs no introduction. A household name across India, the Japanese branded is riding the wave of its own popularity. The refreshed Honda Activa gives it a modern look, while still retaining the old Activa's core. The sturdy design and the refined Honda engine are its strength.
Honda Activa is priced at Rs 49, 965 (ex-showroom).

Overview - Hero Maestro

Hero came out with the Maestro primarily targeting younger male buyers and hence the styling leans towards the sporty, but that terms is relative. An interesting fact about the Maestro is that it is, at its core, the Activa.

Hero Maestro is priced at Rs 46,900 (ex-showroom).

Styling - TVS Jupiter

The side profile of the Jupiter is similar to both the Activa and Maestro, but it is with the small details that TVS keeps its scooter apart. The highlight of the design are the twin front city lights that sport a trendy design. The ‘V'-shaped sculpted body lines on the face adds to the visual appeal.

Styling - Honda Activa

The Activa's design is simple, yet effective. There is nothing fancy about it, but it works when you are selling it as a family scooter. To be noted are the boring, old style handlebar mounted turn signals, which for younger buyers, may be a turnoff.

Styling - Hero Maestro

You will be surprised to notice how much the Jupiter and Maestro have in common with each other in the design department. The twin front lights are there, albeit differently styled. It even has a sort of ‘V' shaped body sculpt and a similarly styled side panel. The differentiating factor is the dual coloured mirror covers and head cover. But in the end, it lacks the simplicity of the Activa's design and neither manages to look as attractive as the Jupiter.

Engines, Transmission & Mileage TVS Jupiter

  • The Jupiter borrows Wego's 109.7cc engine that produces 7.88 horsepower and 8 Nm of torque. It is controlled by a CVT gearbox. The Wego engine is a refined unit, with no vibrations bothering the rider. It is almost on par with the Activa's.
  • TVS claims a mileage of 62 kpl for the Jupiter. But based on the mileage delivered by the Wego we can estimate that figure to be 43 kpl in city and 47 kpl on highway.
  • The tank can hold 5.3-litres of fuel.

Engines, Transmission & Mileage - Honda Activa

  • Honda's 109 cc engine has been praised for its high level of refinement that beats the rest. The engine delivers 8 horsepower and 8.74 Nm of torque, which is delivered to the road through CVT transmission as well.
  • Post the HET update to the engine, Activa delivers an average mileage of 45 kpl in city and 49 kpl on highway, which just manages to surpass Jupiter.
  • Fuel tank holds 5.3-litres of fuel.

Engines, Transmission & Mileage - Hero Maestro

  • The 109cc engine that Hero uses is the result of the now defunct Hero Honda partnership. Hence, the underlying technology is the same. However, the engine has been tuned to generate 8 horsepower and 9.10 Nm torque.
  • Minus the HET upgrade however, Maestro delivers 35 kpl in city and 40 kpl on highways. Significantly below the numbers achieved by the other two.
  • Fuel tank has a capacity of 5.-litre

Suspension, Wheels & Braking - TVS Jupiter

The front features telescopic suspensions, while a standard unit swing with spring loaded hydraulic & gas filled suspension does duty on the rear. From our experience with the Wego we can claim the suspension system offers a comfortable ride even in our pothole covered and undulated roads.

Suspension, Wheels & Braking - TVS Jupiter

The Wego and now Jupiter are the only scooters that offer 12 inch alloy units and to add to that, the Jupiter's is done in sporty matte black paint. This could clearly be a differentiating factor for some buyers. Tyres are tubeless units.
The brakes are 130mm drums, which are good enough on most occasions. There is no word on the optional disc brakes yet.

Suspension, Wheels & Braking - Honda Activa

Activa's bane has always been the outdated spring loaded hydraulic type suspension system at the front, which makes it downright painful to ride for long when the road gets bumpy.
The wheels are simple pressed metal units, covered in grippy tubeless tyres. The 130 mm drums with combo breaking are reliable and offer better stopping power compared to Jupiter, during emergency.

Suspension, Wheels & Braking - Hero Maestro

Once again, the Maestro suffers from the same problem as Activa, with its spring loaded hydraulic type front suspension.
The wheels are regular pressed metal units. However the tyres are not tubeless, though they are come with "Puncture Endurance" to put it in Hero's words. The breaks are again the same 130mm drums, with Activa's combo breaking system.

Feature List - TVS Jupiter

The Jupiter comes with the longest feature list among the three. To start with, the all analog instrument panel has a low fuel indicator lamp and ‘Econometer' to help riders maintain optimum speed to extract a good economy figure.

Feature List - TVS Jupiter

The under seat bag hook is positioned at the right height and is retractable.

Feature List - TVS Jupiter

In addition to the twin ‘city lamps', the headlamp is accompanied by twin pilot lamps.

Feature List - TVS Jupiter

Also, there is a dedicated pass light switch. Furthermore, the rear lamp cluster are LED units.

Feature List - TVS Jupiter

The 17 liter under seat storage is large enough to store a full face helmet. What's more, there is also a charging point to fuel your mobile phone on the go.

Feature List - TVS Jupiter

Also to be noted, the fuel filler cap is on the outside.

Features - Honda Activa

The basic instrument panel pales in comparison to the Jupiter's multifunction display. The under 18 liter under seat storage is larger than the Jupiter's but that is not a decisive advantage. The fuel tank can only be accessed by lifting the seat, which could be an inconvenience. In terms of notable features the Activa mostly falls short.

Features - Hero Maestro

The under seat storage, like the Activa, has a capacity of 18 liters and the fuel tank opening is under the seat. The instrument panel is a combination of analog and digital and also displays a trip meter. This is about the only positive point that can be mentioned about the Maestro's feature set.

Value For Money Or The Final Verdict

TVS Jupiter is hands down, the best of the three. For a scooter that is the least expensive of the three, the Jupiter comes with a surprising array of features, which are not found in other scooters. For us, the Jupiter also wins in the looks department, with its smart, yet simple styling...(Cont.)

Value For Money Or The Final Verdict

Honda Activa comes with the best engine and delivers the best mileage, but that is about the only category in which it wins. Moreover, the Jupiter is not bad here either, being almost on par. The final nail in the coffin is driven by the Jupiter's more comfortable, front telescopic suspensions.
Hero Maestro, though not a bad scooter on its own, has nothing extra to offer. Compared to the other two, it has the lowest fuel economy and fares no better in ride quality than the Activa.

Story first published: Tuesday, September 17, 2013, 17:04 [IST]
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