Aprilia SR 150 vs Vespa 150: We Compare The Only Two 150cc Automatic Scooters In India

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Vespa and Aprilia currently sell 150cc scooters in India. Both brands are owned by Piaggio, and when it comes to the 150cc displacement category, no other manufacturer makes one. So if one is thinking why is there a comparison between two scooters from the same brand, read on to find out more.

Let's start from the design point of the Aprilia SR 150 and the Vespa 150. The Aprilia clearly looks sporty, with its sharp design language, big wheels, pointy beak, split headlamps, and the dual tone exterior finish.

The Vespa 150 is designed to look like a retro classic. It has a subtle, yet a very stylish finish, that would suit riders across all ages and gender. The Vespa has a metal body, while the SR 150 comes with a plastic fibre one.

One aspect both scooters share are the engine. Both, the Aprilia SR 150 and the Vespa 150 come with a 150cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that makes 11.4bhp and 11.5Nm of peak torque. Both scooters are equipped to CVT gearboxes, which means no manual gear shifts.

However, where the difference lies between both the scooters is the way power is delivered. The Aprilia's engine is slightly tweaked to optimise power delivery because of the bigger, wider tyres. The Aprilia's power delivery is peppier compared to the Vespa because the scooter is meant to appeal to the younger audience.

Speaking about equipments, the Aprilia SR 150 comes with telescopic front forks, monoshock for the rear, 120 section 14-inch tyres front and rear, standard front disc brake, dual pod instrument cluster, 6-litre fuel tank, and dual headlights.

The Vespa comes with a single sided front suspension, 10-inch wheels with 110 section front and 120 section rear tyres, semi-digital instrument console, disc brake up front, and some eye catching ‘out of the box' exterior colours.

Coming to the conclusion, which of the two 150cc scooters to buy if you are looking for a commuter, that can give motorcycles a run for their money? Let's get a few facts clear — both scooters, the Aprilia SR 150 and the Vespa 150 can give equal competition to motorcycles, are good, easy to use commuters, and are good lookers.

The decision now boils down to what kind of a scooter one is looking for. The Aprilia SR 150 is a perfect choice for youngsters, while the Vespa caters across ages. One factor that makes the Aprilia more inviting is its price (Rs. 65,000 ex-showroom), but the youthful, sporty design may not be to everyone's appeal.

Vespa 150 Pricing

  • Vespa VXL 150: Rs 98,000
  • Vespa SXL 150: Rs 1.02 lakh

Aprilia SR 150 Pricing

  • Aprilia SR 150: Rs 75,000

Note: Prices are approximate on-road values (Delhi)

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