2014 Mahindra Gusto: First Ride Impression

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Mahindra Two Wheelers has just launched its latest global scooter the ‘Gusto'. The Indian automobile giant has spent a lot of time in developing their new product. They are relatively new in the two wheeler segment.

The Gusto has been spied several times under codename G101, it was rumored to have several other names. Mahindra Two Wheelers decided to name their new scooter after a gust of wind, ‘Gusto'.

The scooter has been built and developed from ground up by Mahindra engineers. From the look and feel of it, Mahindra has definitely outdone themselves in this instance. The Gusto is unique to Mahindra in terms of styling and cannot be mistaken for anything else.

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2014 Mahindra Gusto

Mahindra Two Wheelers has launched their new global scooter the ‘GUSTO' on 29th of September, 2014. It has been priced at INR 43,000 for the Dx version and INR 47,000 for the Vx version.

Mahindra Gusto: Front Design

Mahindra designers have gone for a unique design up front. The Gusto cannot be mistaken for any other scooter available in our current market. For many though the design will be a love it or hate it, at first glance.

Mahindra Gusto: Side View

From the side, Mahindra's Gusto features generous dimensions. The scooter has angular styling in places, but is also subtly detailed. Mirrors on the scooter are big and chunky and provide an adequate rear view. We like the classy Gusto and Mahindra badging to the side.

Mahindra Gusto: Rear View

It will be very difficult not to know which scooter one is following. The Gusto gets an unique oval-type rear light system. In the center is an attractive black applique with Mahindra logo across it. The grab rail is thick and easy to hold on to, one can also notice the slightly wider handlebars on Gusto.

Mahindra Gusto: Ride & Handling

Mahindra engineers have done a great job with their scooter engine. It is highly refined, smooth with very less engine noise. The handling is superior owing to telescopic front suspension and tubeless 12-inch tyres by MRF.

Mahindra Gusto: Comfort & Riding Posture

The seat offers tremendous comfort and it is wide and soft, it's main highlight is the seat height adjust for a rider. Mahindra's Gusto offers excellent riding posture on either height setup.

Mahindra Gusto: Height Adjust

Mahindra are perhaps the only scooter manufacturer to offer height adjust for its rider. The device is simple and smart, it can be adjusted at two points. The first is completely on top for taller riders, while completely down is well suited for shorter riders. There is no in-between setup on offer currently, it would be a good addition though.

Mahindra Gusto: Under Seat Storage

The under seat storage in Mahindra's Gusto is sufficient to fit one half face helmet and nothing else. We tried keeping our camera bag inside and it was a tight fit. However, Mahindra will offer a glove box as an accessory for more storage.

Mahindra Gusto: Front Kick

The scooter is among a few to sport a front kick, thus enabling starts using the kick even when not on main stand. It is also convenient and easy to use for female riders who may otherwise find kick starting a scooter a bit tough.

Mahindra Gusto: Instrument Console & Storage

Mahindra's Gusto gets an all analogue console, we would have like this part of the scooter a bit more sleek. The addition of a digital console, would also be appreciated as they offer it on their other scooters. Below the instrument console they have provided a small compartment that can house a wallet or mobile phone, it is basically a quick storage space.

Mahindra Gusto: Buttons & Plastic Quality

The plastic quality is a bit hard and does not feel good on touch. Wear and tear will be evident and could show age early. The buttons are placed in easy access to riders close to handle grips. The scooter also sports parking lights with LED pilot lamps.

Mahindra Gusto: Engine Spec & Mileage

Mahindra have provide their Gusto with a 109.6cc air cooled engine. It is capable of producing maximum power of 8 bhp, along with 8.5 Nm of peak torque. The scooter can easily achieve a top speed of 85 km/h without any hassle or vibrations. Mahindra claims their scooter will deliver fuel efficiency figures of 60 kpl.

Mahindra Gusto: Colours, Options & Price

The Gusto will be available in four exciting colour choices: Black, Burgundy, Red and White. Mahindra will offer their global scooter in two trims Dx (INR43,000) and Vx (INR 47,000). The base model too will have several features as standard like the flip key and 'find me' feature.

Mahindra Gusto: Remote Flip Key

The Gusto scooter sports a remote flip key, just like Mahindra's motorcycle the Centuro. It has the same find me feature to locate your scooter, there is also a LED key light to find the ignition in shady locations. The scooter also features guide lamps that remain on as you walk away from Gusto.

2014 Mahindra Gusto

The newly launched Mahindra Gusto stands apart from its competition. It is in no aspect inferior to its competitors and offers pound to pound fight. The flip key and certain other aspects are exclusive to Gusto and are positive points for Mahindra's effort.

Mahindra Gusto: Final Thoughts

This new scooter is now available in north and west India, and will reach south Indian markets by January. Decent effort by Mahindra engineers, it will be a tough competitor to Honda's Activa, which has dominated the market for a long period. The Gusto is a value for money proposition and is a strong product offering from Mahindra. In simple terms, we liked the refinement Gusto offers compared to earlier offerings of the manufacturer.

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