2016 Paris Motor Show: Mitsubishi Premiers The eX Concept To The World

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Mitsubishi did not miss the chance to show off a new concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show — the all electric Mitsubishi eX Concept. The SUV is powered by the next generation EV system, according to the Japanese carmaker.

The Mitsubishi eX concept is an SUV, destined to be positioned below the ASX. Mitsubishi claim that the all-electric eX concept as a compact SUV, and the name is said to stand for ‘electric X (cross)-over', according to the carmaker.

Also, a notable feature of the Mitsubishi eX concept is the missing centre pillars, that give the vehicle a more spacious look and feel. The driver and passenger seats use different colours to give each side a different ambience, uplifting the sportiness of the vehicle as well.

In terms of the eX concept's power house, the SUV uses two electric motors, making the SUV and all-wheel drive vehicle as well. On a full charge, the Mitsubishi eX concept has a range of 400km and power is provided by Lithium-ion cells.

The Mitsubishi eX concept features an augmented reality windshield, where information is displayed to the driver. This helps the driver focus on the road ahead. The information displayed includes displayed includes: Route guidance from the car navigation system; Vehicle-to-vehicle distance alerts; Lane departure warnings; and information on fixed or movable traffic signs acquired by the camera-based road sign recognition system.

Also, the traditional rear view mirrors have been replaced by rear view monitors, which are placed on either sides of the main instrument console. The monitors use high definition cameras fitted on the vehicle's body, which further reduces the eye movement and increased the driver's attention on the road.

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