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Los Angeles Auto Show 2016: Hyundai’s Latest Ioniq Wants To Drive You To The Self-Driving Future

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South Korean carmaker Hyundai has revealed its latest effort into autonomous tech in the form of the Ioniq Autonomous Concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Hyundai recently received a permit to test autonomous cars in the American state of Nevada and the new Inoniq autonomous concept previews what a self-driving future according to Hyundai might look and drive like.

Hyundai has packaged the self-driving hardware including three LIDAR arrays, multiple radar systems and cameras so that it looks like any other Ioniq on the road.

This is something that the company is quite proud of as it claims it doesn't look like a high school project, an obvious swipe at other companies attempting to go down the self- driving route (cough, Google/Uber, cough).

The Inoniq uses three LIDAR arrays along with a smart cruise control radar to keep an eye on the road ahead along with a camera array to keep an eye on the traffic lights. The GPS antenna allows the car to keep to its chosen route while the blind spot sensors ensure that the car can keep an eye on everything it can't actually see at the rear.

Hyundai has stated that it will be unveiling two new Ioniq self-driving concepts at the upcoming 2017 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The concepts will be able to deal with normal things like high pedestrian numbers stop lights and signs school zones or any construction work to crazy stuff like an off-leash dog to children playing on the road ahead.

We applaud Hyundai and can't wait till CES 2017 for the company's newest self-driving concepts and potshots at its autonomous rivals.

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