Geneva: Toyota's Three Wheeled i-Road Concept EV

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We are not total strangers to futuristic vehicles that look like a hybrid between a car and a bike or a car that leans into a corner like a motorcycle. Toyota's latest concept - i-Road - is one such vehicle of the future which will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show.

Toyota i-Road, a Personal Mobility Vehicle is an electric vehicle that seats just two occupants and runs on three wheels. Toyota says, the i-Road "represents a way of overcoming various obstacles, such as congested city roads, lack of parking, and other commuting issues, in the path of the development of low-carbon and sustainable urban areas."

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The i-Road measures 2,350mm long and 1,445mm high, with a wheelbase of 1,700mm. More importantly, since the two occupants sit behind each other, the vehicle manages to be just 850mm wide.


One of the highlights of the i-Road is its ability to lean into a curve using Toyota's Automatic Active-lean system. The intelligent system automatically manages the vehicle's lean angle and stabilizes it.

Enclosed Cabin

The i-Road might be no larger than a motorcycle. However, unlike a bike the i-Road has an enclosed cabin that protects the occupants from the elements.

Clean & Efficient

i-Road is a pure electric vehicle, which means it has an emission figure of zero.


Power comes from a lithium ion battery that takes three hours to charge and provides a range of 50km.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 17:26 [IST]
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