Galpin Ford GTR1 Concept 1024 HP Sports Car Unveiled In Monterey

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Had Ford continued production of the GT supercar how do you think it would have looked? This is how, according to Galpin Auto Sports. Named the GTR1, this concept is ready to hit production if you care place an order.

Galpin Ford GTR1, in concept form, was put on display during the Monterey Motorweek in the concept car lawn at the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. More details and images in the gallery below.

The GTR1 on display was a concept model, built out of aluminium by well known coach builder Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters, Inc. The concept itself reportedly took 12,000 man hours to complete.

The GTR1 comes with a tarmac scroaching 1,024 HP and 739 ft-lb of torque which is generated by the same mid mounted Intercooled 5.4 liter V8 engine from the original Ford GT. The power boost comes from the two turbochargers which are now part of the powerplant.

Surprisingly, the GTR1 is driven by a six-speed Ricardo transaxle with twin-disc clutch manual transmission which deliver power only to the rear wheels.

Despite the lack of all-wheel drive performance figures are impressive. 0-100 km/h is done in 3.2 seconds and it takes only 2.8 seconds more to reach 160 km/h. Top speed is said to be in excess of 362 km/h.

Considering how important braking it is bring a 1000 HP car to a stop during emergency Galpin has equipped it with six-piston Brembo brake calipers which push against carbon-carbon brake discs. This is the same sort of brake discs used by fighter planes, jumbo jets and Formula One racers.

The wheels on the GTR1 measure 20 inch, forged from solid aluminum and wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Rosso tyres.

Galpin has given the GTR1 a unique interior. Once which is almost entirely done in a single coloured leather. The only contrasting bit are the aluminium inserts and trims, which cover every other remaining part of the interior which cannot be wrapped in leather.

There are even interesting looking inserts in the seats which look like aluminium. The concept car on display is covered in blue Sateen Marine leather from Bridge of Weir, but this depends on what the customer orders. In addition, the GTR1 comes equipped with a McIntosh sound system.

Galpin expects not more than 6 orders initial, which could eventually reach 24 units. Each build will be custom made depending on the buyer's taste. Starting price for a carbon fiber body construction GTR1 is $1,024,000

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